Open Call Roundup, Desperate Swiss Edition

Ten days to go before the Swiss deadline, and there are only 42 submitted songs on the Swiss website. Just 42 songs. Ultra Nate is trying to jump start her career, and former UK X Factor competitor Maria Lawson has her eye on the prize. Neither of their entries is particularly good. Albana Azizi’s “I Love It” is the only song I like out of the bunch, even though I don’t love the name.

The Swiss competition has no nationality restrictions. Judging from the current group of entries, anyone with a halfway decent 3 minute song would have a real shot at making the final. Now, I realize the winner has to represent the Swiss, but if you’re talented and looking for a break are you really above competing for Switzerland? After all, it worked for Celine Dion.

Entries are due September 30th. Just make sure that whatever you submit hasn’t already been put up on your MySpace, k?

Listen to the meager crop at

2 thoughts on “Open Call Roundup, Desperate Swiss Edition”

  1. Don’t worry, there will be better entries than what is up at that site. The Ultra Nate song is awful. “Desperate” is correct. 🙂

  2. I’m sure that you’re right and that entries will improve toward the end date. Especially because it looks like Switzerland has been doing careful screening all along the way. Still, it has got to be worrying when the ginormous Dutch box is getting a better turnout!

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