Open Call Roundup, Defending Champion Edition

Azerbaijan has announced its open call for 2012 entrants. Rules were not posted on, but the announcement has echoed over esctoday, (the official Azerbaijan Eurovision site), and

Unlike other countries, Azerbaijan appears to be seeking performers, not a song. Couple of things to note from Azerbaijan’s announcement:

“The participants should have a beautiful voice, a dancing ability and should be quite professional at the stage, which is very important.” Well, yes indeedy and make no mistake about that. To prove you have a beautiful voice, dancing ability, and are professional at this stage (which is important), they want 3 photographs of you taken at various angles.

Just like Ell and Nikki, don’t worry about a song. If you get the nod, odds are the organizers will pick one for you.

Azerbaijan’s Winning Formula

Interested participants should fill out the form (which looks like our 3-year-old made it) and submit it to the ITV organizing committee (Sharifizade st., 241, Baku). They want to see an identity card — which indicates to me they’re looking for proof of Azerbaijani residence or citizenship. They’re only accepting entries October 15-25, so you better move fast.

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