Misija Evrovizija nears its decision

Misija Evrovizija is down to its final three acts, so we thought it would be a good time to check in. We had been following it fairly closely early on, but kind of fell off the past few weeks. Aside from the early elimination of Brina Vidic and the continued presence of Nika & Eva Prusnik, things have been going fairly predictably from our point of view.

And even Nika & Eva’s presence is understandable. Although Nika is a pretty weak singer compared to Eva, they do possess a kind of loopy charm (granted, it is sort of like a cross between Lena and Jedward). They also know how to perform for the cameras. Comparing their two performances on Sunday to Manuela Brecko’s, it was pretty obvious who the jury were going to keep around. Manuela is a good singer, but she brings nothing more to her songs than a pretty voice. While Nika & Eva’s version of “Bubbly” (is that what that’s called) offered no surprises, their version of “Forget You” at least allowed them to display the skills that got them as far as they have.

We had pegged Eva Boto as a contender as far back as her audition for the show, and it’s hard for us to think that either Nika & Eva or Nika Zorjan have a shot at keeping her out of Baku in May. While her version of “What a Feeling” was doing the best what what she was given and embracing the song’s datedness, her version of “Use Somebody” was just stellar. You compare how she interpreted that song to how the other three acts sang their numbers and you can’t help but think she’s miles ahead of her competition.

Misija Evrovizija is off for a couple of weeks, with a big Eurovision tribute planned for the next episode on January 1st.  You can get caught up on the entire show at RTV SLO’s website.

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