Denmark’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

Denmark is sending Soluna Samay to Baku with “Should’ve Known Better.”

Jen and I are divided over this one. When we watched the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, I said, “She’s the new Anna Bergendahl.” Jen said she sounds more like Miley Cyrus and that Bergandahl’s song was good enough to win Melodifestivalen. Well, fair enough, but that doesn’t mean the song is any bloody good.

I told her that “Should’ve Known Better” was going to grow on her the way “This Is My Life” grew on me: I liked it okay the first time, but by the third time I hated it as much as I hate being shot in the foot with a nail gun.

Since the final, I’ve since listened to this five or six times (all for you, gentle reader!), and now it reminds me even more of “This Is My Life.” It just doesn’t go anywhere and it’s got this sing-songy hook that gets real old real fast. The crowded lyric only adds to that sing-songiness. Also, “Now I miss you like Sahara missed the rain” is going to make this year’s worst lyrics post. (See last year’s!)

On top of that, Samay’s vocal was grating, and shaky to the point where she does that goat-bleating thing Bergendahl did at her most nervous. This doesn’t give the confidence that she can pull it together when she is performing on the big stage.

I’ll ignore the staging, because they may lose the “General in Love’s Army” outfit and singers on the couch and the Red Sox cap on the cellist. I won’t ignore this, tho: the way she pronounces Sahara as “So-horror” is really, really annoying.