Cyprus’ Eurovision 2012 Entry

Cyprus had previously announced that Ivi Adamou would represent them, so tonight all that was left was to decide which of 3 songs she would “perform” (and I use the term loosely).  The consensus winner from jury and televote was “La La Love.”

Quite a catchy little dance song, innit?  Upbeat, not a lot of tough to understand lyrics, lots of cross-cultural appeal and all that.  I can imagine it doing quite well in Euroclub with the fans.   And 18-year old Ivi is lovely to look at and knows how to work a camera.  In truth she could pass for Idina Menzel’s better looking daughter.

Of course Glee has already stolen that thunder…

Between now and Baku, however, Cypriot organizers will need work with Ivi on her performance and think carefully about how to showcase her.  Ivi lip-synched the national final (a choice that often proves worrysome–as if she may not have the chops to carry off a live performance), and she had some–shall we say awkward–dance moves to go with.

Time will tell how the song itself wears.  There’s not much to it and I’m already starting to suspect the relentless “la la lalala lala la la lalala lala la la” will grate on me after multiple hearings.  That, however, is only a hard core fan’s concern.  At first listen, “La La Love” is catchy and Ivi is cute.  But it’s all for naught if she dances like a truck.