Malta’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

Malta’s National Final is not so much watched as survived. There were sixteen songs, three long commercial breaks during the performance part of the show, plus short ads between the time when the hosts interviewed the acts and when the acts performed their songs. There was a long opening number that lasted like a half-hour or something. There is an incredibly long interval period, which we admit we didn’t watch because we had to make and eat dinner, do the dishes, and fold laundry we had done earlier in the day. Despite its length, though, it’s still more entertaining than the national finals held by Portugal and Macedonia, which last a combined three weeks.

Anyway, by the time we tuned back into Malta, they had decided that Kurt Calleja’s “This Is the Night” would be their representative in Baku this May.

Yes, Kurt and his deejay just did an exploding fist-bump to kick off their song.

This is perfectly amiable, forgettable Euro-pop. It’s catchy enough, and competently performed. That said, the bridge is an absolute mess.

But the big issue we have with this is that it is operating in the same space as the French and Cyprus entries: hooky, over-produced pop. And if you put the three together, Anggun has got both Kurt and Ivi Adamou beat. Not that you’re going to get the three together, since I don’t see either “This Is the Night” or “La La Love” making it out of the Semis.