Croatia’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

“Nebo” has been selected for Nina Badric to represent Croatia at Eurovision this year.

After disastrously toying with an upbeat number last year, Croatia decided to go back to the type of schmaltzy ballads it did the two years previous. Frankly, I find it dull and plodding, and judging from her performance during the selection announcement show, she’s not exactly going to bring the time of dynamic performance that this type of song will need to go over with voters. Still, could be worse. (See again: last year.)

UPDATED: “Nebo” isn’t growing on me per se, but I have to say that listening to FYR Macedonia’s “Crno i belo,” I am appreciate it a lot more. Forget what I said about dull and plodding here and apply it to “Crno i belo” instead. Looking at how the second Semi is shaping up, I’m pretty sure we’re going to see Croatia back in the final this year.