Germany’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

Deutschland’s Star für Baku ist Roman Lob mit “Standing Still.”

It sounds vaguely like a Jamie Cullum number, and for good reason: Jamie Cullum co-wrote it. Roman is charismatic enough and sounds good. The sound is lovely and contemporary. It’s all good, but for me, it sort of lacks that it factor, that instantaneous grip that a song needs to get a voter’s attention on first listen. Of course, I argued that “Satellite” didn’t have that, and neither of us thought “Running Scared” had that either, so what do I know.

It’s not like any of the other songs that have made much of an impact so far, anyway. To quote what Boom Bang a Blog’s Jamie McLoughlin  tweeted today: “Switzerland’s song sounds better with every passing national final.” There’s still a lot of songs left to be determined, of course, but so far “Standing Still” is shaping up to be a bit of contender.