Iceland’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

Here is “Mundu Eftir Mér,” which will represent Iceland at this year’s Eurovision song contest.  Greta Salóme wrote it and performs it with Jónsi (Iceland’s representative in 2004). It is very dramatic. It starts off like it’s going to get all Evanescence, but instead of rocking out, it stays vaguely poperatic.

We both kinda liked this one when we saw it in the Icelandic semis, but for some reason, it really isn’t doing all that much for me now. Part of it is because I really wanted Magni Ásgeirsson’s “Hugarró” to go to the big show. It is actually similar song to “Mundu Eftir Mér”, except it actually does rock out. We remember Magni back when he was on Rock Star: Supernova (yes, we were the ones who watched that), and he was last year’s Icelandic runner-up. I’m wondering if he needs to team up with Matti Matt to get over the hump?

Anyway, back to “Mundu Eftir Mér.” Greta and Jónsi sound great, and it’s all very slick and professional. It’s really not bad, and in theory it could get through during the first Semi, which tends to vote this kind of stuff in. But I wouldn’t bump it in my vehicle.