Belarus’ PREVIOUS Eurovision 2012 Entry

UPDATED: For the second year in a row, the song Belarus picked as its representative is no longer the entry they’re going with. After an investigation apparently led by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarus organizers found evidence of vote rigging, and have decided to go with the entry by Litesound, “We Are the Heroes.”

Belarus has picked Alena Lanskaya and “All My Life” to represent them this year in Baku:

Bad lyric watch: “Saw me standing over horizon/Making everything look so righ-it”. It doesn’t even rhyme in a thick Belorussian accent.

So what to say about this one? It is a big, old-fashioned ballad. If it’s one thing I’ve learned, any ballad that looks like it has some dust on it is not going to do well, no matter how well it’s sung. And this isn’t really sung that well. I kinda liked the staging, with the acrobatic dancing swinging around the girded moon, but it was more suitable for the small Eurofest stage. While the last two Belarus entries have been memorably kitschy, I think that this one is going to end up being forgotten pretty quickly.