Georgia’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

In a national final packed with dreary teenage angst hard rock songs, Georgia has decided on Anri Jokhadze’s “I’m a Jocker” (that’d be pronounced “Joker”). Watching the final, Jokhadze was a performance standout but we didn’t think Georgia would have the guts to pick him. Just take a watch, you’ll be glad you did:

Awesome and horrifying at the same time. The song itself is ridiculous and the audio track doesn’t hold up on its own. But give the guy credit for his confidence onstage. He went out there and made a complete ass of himself. Most importantly, he held our attention.

Compare this with Latvia’s lackluster choice of a joke entry. It’s a classic example of “show us, don’t tell us.” Latvia’s “Beautiful Song” mocks the contest by commenting on the song entries, a self-aware parody of the Johnny Logan ballads that won in the ’80s. Here, however, is a performer that has a song about himself rather than the contest, and he commits to playing the buffoon. It has more impact.

Camp, it seems, is alive and well at the Eurovision Song Contest. And have the Georgians to thank for that. Thank you Georgia!