Belarus’ Eurovision 2012 Entry, Take 2

Last year, Belarus announced its entry was to be “Born in Belorussia” by Anastasia Vinnikova. Unfortunately, Vinnikova had performed the song before September 1, 2010, the earliest date an entry for ESC 2011 could be debuted. Just before the deadline by which ESC 2011 entries had to be decided, Vinnikova unvieled “I Love Belarus,” which sounded like a hastily thrown together rehash of the original song. (Probably because it was.)

This year, Belarus had a public contest for its Eurovision entry, which Alyona Lanskaya won with her song “All My Life.” However, according to esckaz, Eurovision fans in Belarus smelled a rat. After an investigation that involved Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko, it was determined that vote-rigging had occurred and that the band Litesound was the actual winners with their song, “We Are the Heroes.” Lukashenko nullified the original vote and instated Litesound as Belarus’ representative in Baku.

Deja v’Ukraine, anyone?

So, barring any further changes, let’s talk about Litesound. First off, the outfits they’re wearing are Eldrinetastic. I mean, they are horrible. And then there are those weird cardboard Transformers props they have set up on stage. So obviously I’m begging Belarus to keep all of that.

As for the song, it’s a punchy little pop rock ditty, very commercial sounding. The lead singer loses it a little at the 2:22 mark in the video, but otherwise they sound slick and professional. It’s not the type of music I’m drawn too, but “We Are the Heroes” at least benefits from a contemporary sound, some of your better English pronunciation from a Belarus entry, and a bit more energy than “All My Life.” Too soon to say if Belarus has a shot of making it out of the Semis this year, but I think their chances have increased exponentially.

Assuming Litesound don’t change their song or get replaced by the third-place act or anything, of course.