Ireland’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

In news that will surprise no one, Jedward has succeeded in their repeat attempt to represent Ireland at Eurovision. Here’s their 2012 entry, “Waterline.”

Similar to last year, RTE asked five mentors to identify songs and artists that could serve as candidates for the Eurovision Song Contest. The approach resulted in entries with different styles (Celtic pop, Swedish schlager, light rock, sappy crap, and Jedward), and I think one could reasonably argue that 4 out of the 5 outings had some merit.  For the record, we like this selection format very much. We also think it’s totally awesome that the selection show is simply an episode of The Late Late Show. In the U.S., this would amount to Eurovision selection being held on Craig Ferguson at 12:30am. Mellow and economical.  With special guest star Martin Sheen.

Eurosong wasn’t much of a competition for two reasons. First, Team Jedward know how to use social media to energize their fan base. From flashmobs on YouTube to #voteforjedward trending on Twitter, Planet Jedward generated and sustained buzz for their bid prior to the national final and greatly amped up the volume  this week. Second, they pay attention to the details. In the Eurosong national final, Jedward was in a class of their own when it came to costume, choreography, and camera staging.

I do not think “Waterline” is a strong song. The lyric makes no sense and the song has only one musical level, a relentless pulse that takes us nowhere. However, “Waterline” makes sense as a piece of the Jedwardian experience. Mentor Linda Martin said she listened to over 100 songs before deciding on it–I would agree that the song is a good fit for the Grimes brothers.

Between now and Baku, Jedward does have some things to iron out. I take it as a given that they will expand and heighten their performance for the bigger stage. The vocals can be improved, and I wonder if they’ll stick with that unappealing green color scheme. I also hope they will bring in some new choreography–we saw most of these moves in 2011’s Lipstick. However, Jedward has grown into their high-energy, ADHD artistic identity, and they are in better shape going to Baku then they were at this point going to Dusseldorf. And based on last year, we know that Jedward is driven, surrounds themselves with good people, and has the work ethic to see it through.