Spain’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

Pastora Soler, Spain’s predetermined choice for Baku, will be vying for the Eurovision title with “Quédate Conmigo”:

It’s a big Thomas G:son ballad, reminiscent of the type of song Celine Dion made her name with. Soler sings it fine but between now and Baku she needs to iron out some rough points in the first half where the song is dangerously near her break and in the end where she has a tendency to oversell. “Quédate Conmigo” was definitely the best of three songs that the Spanish public had to choose from tonight, with the other two so memorable I got them confused when I was tweeting about them.

But Celine Dion-style big ballads are not exactly current. So I don’t see this breaking Spain’s ongoing streak of weak showings.