Moldova’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

Pasha Parfeny has been selected to represent Moldova at Eurovision with his song, “Lăutar”:

Parfeny sings, “This trumpet makes you my girl,” yet they didn’t stage this with a trumpet player? Come on, Moldova! Rethink this for the big show. You could even bring in Sergey Stepanov from SunStroke Project in to act as Epic Trumpet Guy. He’s obviously got a sense of humor about his internet fame.

Anyway, this reminded us of Natalia Barbu’s “Let’s Jazz” from last year’s Moldova final. There’s a sort of trumpety, moonshine-soaked 1930s vibe to both songs. If anything, Parfeny’s song is a bit more accessible. It has a strong hook for a chorus and is a little more lushly orchestrated. Parfeny is a good-looking guy in a “Colin Ferrell meets Dante from Clerks” way and is a likable performer. Overall, it’s a perfectly agreeable way to spend three minutes of your time.

This year’s final, by the way, was quite mad, with an overt rip-off of “Hora din Moldova” called “Welcome to Moldova,” the disappointing return of 2008 Moldovan representative Geta Burlacu, and a song called “Moody numbers” by the vocal jazz group Univox that is unfortunately not up on YouTube or Vimeo yet even though it was more insane than the old guy dressed up like a vampire singing a rock song and the rapper with the back-up singer who sang about eating flowers and tissues. I mean, that’s pretty insane, right?