Portugal’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

I think it was about 1:30a CET when Portugal confirmed that Filipa Sousa would be going to Baku on their behalf with “Vida Minha”:

If the song and the staging reminds you a little bit of Vânia Fernandes’s “Senhora do mar (Negras águas)” from Eurovision 2008, there’s a reason: Andrej Babic and Carlos Coelho wrote both songs.

“Vida Minha” is a pleasant enough entry, but for me, it lacks the dramatic oomph that “Senhora do mar” had, and the staging only makes that more apparent. Of course, I’m one of the more obsessive Eurovision fans, so I doubt a lot of people are going to watch this during the second Semi and say, “Well, this is no ‘Senhora do mar’.” It is a return to form for Portugal after two lackluster entries and Sosa is a charismatic singer, so viewers may respond to it.