Italy’s Eurovision 2012 Entry, Take 2

The Italian organizers told the Eurovision organizers today that they have decided that Nina Zilli will sing “L’Amore È Femmina” in Baku this May instead of the previously announced “Per Sempre.” They didn’t explain why they made the change, and I’m not going to try to make a conjecture.

Let’s just tackle the task at hand: did Italy make the right call? Here’s “L’Amore È Femmina”:

If you loved “Caroban” (by another Nina), miss Amy Winehouse, or wonder whatever happened to Duffy, then this is the number for you. It gets away from the potentially musty ballad that Zilli had originally, but still offers a neo-retro sound that may or may not still be in style. I wondered about that sound with “Caroban;” it finished 14th last year, so I think this is a valid concern.

I still wonder if Italy has a winner on their hands. To be honest, having listened to this quite a few times already, “L’Amore È Femmina” isn’t a song that really sticks with me. But this is just the recorded track. There’s no doubt Zilli is a solid, confident performer and she will command the stage come May. So long as the staging is done right, she could still have a big impact.