Montenegro’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

After a 3-year absence, Montenegro has returned to the Eurovision Song Contest. They announced ages ago they interally selected Rambo Amadeus with “Euro Neuro.” After a long anticipated wait (not really), they have released the song. So, here it is.

First reaction: WTF? Ok, it feels good to get that out of the way.

Rambo Amadeus’s music might be described as prog meets hip hop meets Frank Zappa. Dissecting this number feels like sitting down to a dinner with a gigantic lamb chop. It’s very meaty, takes a lot of time to get through, and it’s not to everyone’s taste. The orchestration with its atonal guitar riffs reminds us of Primus. The verses are in an jazzy time signature–definitely not your usual 4/4–leaving the listener off kilter and struggling to follow it. Hard to tell what he’s like as a performer from this promotional video, but Amadeus would not be described as telegenic. He will be hard pressed to have much of an impact because this song is just too weird.

ADDENDUM FROM CHRIS: The opening of the “Euro Neuro” video reminds me of this scene from The Young Ones.