Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Eurovision representative Maya Sar (the piano player in Dino Merlin’s “Love In Rewind” last year) released her song for Europe yesterday, “Korake ti znam”:

It’s always dangerous to film your video in a factory that manufactures sparks.

Anyway, I think this is a lovely song, with a very late 1970s soft rock melody and the lushest orchestrations we’ve heard yet this season. (And if you’ve followed anything I’ve written on this blog so far this year, I am apparently obsessed with lush orchestrations.) I could have lived without the flute solo, which suddenly turns the song into “It’s For You” at the end.

I’ve already talked about how the second Semi has turned out to be a ballad-fest in the post about Željko Joksimovic, but to wrap up my Balkan ballad review: “Korake ti znam” is not as strong as “Nije ljubav star” or as “Verjamem” by Slovenia’s Eva Boto. It is much better than “Nebo” from Croatia’s  Nina Badric. All the other songs in the second Semi are better than “Crno i blo” by FYR Macedonia’s Kaliopi.

So if “Korake to znam” is in my mind the third ranked Balkan ballad, do I think it has a shot at making it to the Final? Sure, because of the strength of its allies and the fact that Bosnia & Herzegovina usually outperforms any other Balkan nation. If even a weaker entry like Vukašin Brajic’s “Thunder and Lightning” (2010) can make the Final, I’m sure Maya Sar can too. She may even finish strong in the Final, but I don’t think she has a winner here. I have a sneaking suspicion that this year is going to be all about Joksimovic.