Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2012 Entry

Azerbaijan will try to defend its Eurovision title with “When the Music Dies,” performed by Sabina Babayeva. It’s from the same songwriters as last year’s winner “Running Scared,” as well as Azerbaijan’s 2010 entry “Drip Drop,” which I bet you would be able to tell from listening to it:

I’ve listened to “When the Music Dies” a few times now, and it’s just not sticking with me. It doesn’t go anywhere at all. It’s one long meandering verse until it hits the 1:20 mark, when it sort of just repeats the same thing, except now over a drumbeat. Also, she says “It’s cold, cold, cold” a lot. And the back-up singers sing “cold, cold, cold” a lot. So cold. So cold. Then Babayeva unleashes the vocal pyrotechnics that feel like it’s going to build it just stops. Yes, THE MUSIC LITERALLY DIES at the end. She says so.

I wonder if I would have responded to this more had it not been the 72nd ballad that had come out during the national final season. I don’t think so, though. It’s kind of a mess.