A Look at the First Rehearsals of the First Semi, Part Two

I was trying to figure out whether Izabo were trying to conserve energy and just get their blocking down during their rehearsal of “Time.” They seem to be taking it easy, but having seen footage of them in concert, they also have a laid-back performance style. My impression is they’re going to rely on a strong song, a pretty sweet backdrop (yes, the clocks are obvious, but they still look fab on the big screen), and goofy back-up singers.

San Marino
One of our three-year-old son Kieran’s favorite songs from this year is “Time.” Another one of his favorites is Valentina Monetta’s “The Social Network Song,” which he refers to as “the bad song.” I was curious as to how they were going to stage this, but none of my thoughts included someone with pom-poms. Yeah. The laptop, the iPhone, and the iPad all make appearances, of course, as does really basic choreography. Now the only thing left to wonder is if this going to get nil point. I doubt it, but I can dream.

The good news: Ivi Adamou sounds pretty good singing “La La Love.” The bad news: OH MY GOD, THE CHOREOGRAPHY! My goodness, it’s bad. So bad.

Soluna Samay and the Danish organizers kept the same staging for “Should’ve Known Better” they used in the national final, so if you saw that, you know what you’re getting here.

Ditto for Russia. You weren’t expecting the Babushkis to bust new moves for the big show, were you?

Compact Disco’s “Sound of Our Hearts” is an interesting one for me. I wasn’t a fan of it when I first heard it, but the recorded version grew on me pretty quickly. Then I saw the official video, which annoyed me. Now I’ve watched their rehearsal and I like it again. It felt a little static at first, but once singer Csaba Walkó started to use the catwalk in front of the stage, it felt a little better. And Csaba is in good voice, too, which made me happy. Not sure how the backdrop is going to look yet, but it seemed interesting enough. So far I have a good feeling about this one.

So, Trackshittaz, who are still called that, much to my surprise. (Maybe this is because I come from prudish America.) This is another act that is not messing with national final success, so the pole dancers stay. There are a couple of changes, tho: the pole dancers’ costumes are a bit more tasteful, and due to the lighting restrictions at the Crystal Hall, they’ve had to drop their glow-in-the-dark routine. Frankly, I would have hoped that they would have done a little more reinvention because of that, because it all looks a little silly without the gimmick. Given the reaction “Woki Mit Deim Popo” has gotten from the Eurofans (who all seem to have found it a bit tacky), I’m pretty sure this is not going to the final, but I still like it.

UPDATED: Sofabet reports that the pole dancers’ bums will be lit up for the stage performance. NEWS YOU CAN USE.

So that’s your choreography, is it, Pasha? Well, then. That… yeah. And people think Trackshittaz are tacky.

Jedward are doing the same choreography for “Waterline” they used in the national final, which is disappointing, but they have a water fountain, WHICH MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.