Semifinal 1 Wrap Up

Overall, Jen got 9 and Chris got 7. And, yes, Jen is still taunting Chris over his nonsense regarding Greece. And, yes, Jen had to tolerate Chris ranting for several minutes about Greece after the envelopes were opened. And, yes, Chris is still bitter.  Very very bitter.

This is a show where you could tell which performers had experience. Only a handful — Montenegro, Denmark, and Israel — looked like they were enjoying themselves. Not that it had much impact on the outcome.

Albania, Denmark, and Hungary came over strong.

Moldova and Ireland looked as good as expected.

Iceland and Romania were surprisingly unimpactful. Romania in particular should feel lucky there was a separate jury performance. The lead singer struggled with her earpiece the entire 3 minutes but still managed to turn in a solid vocal.

Cyprus botched the vocal. And people loved it anyway. I’ll admit when I’m licked.

The Semifinal results played out this way (in no particular order):

Qualifiers Jen Chris
Romania x x
Moldova x x
Iceland x x
Hungary x x
Denmark x x
Albania x
Greece x
Russia x x
Ireland x x


Immediately after the show, the qualifiers had a press conference where they drew slots for the Final:

2. Hungary

3. Albania

6. Russia

7. Iceland

8. Cyprus

14. Romania

15. Denmark

16. Greece

23. Ireland

26. Moldova

With the exception of Russia, I don’t think these early draws change folks’s prospects too much. Of course it sucks for Hungary to go 2nd, but realistically they weren’t in the hunt for the win. So better they take the spot than stick it to a contender like, say, Sweden or Serbia. Of course, 6th draw for Russia is pretty gutting. The grannies are going to have a hard time winning from here. 7th isn’t great for Iceland, but based on their Semifinal performance, Top 10 maybe isn’t so likely after all.

16th is a good draw for Greece, though maybe not ideal coming right after Romania and Denmark. Despite Chris’s irrational hatred, this pick could have them well positioned for yet another Top 10 finish. Denmark looked very good in the Semi and is well positioned for a strong finish. Hopefully Romania won’t have technical issues again in the Final.

Of all the Semi 1 qualifiers, Ireland stands to gain the most by drawing 23rd. Their Semifinal performance dispelled all concerns we had about seeming too similar to last year. Keeping the hair down is functional because of the water, but it was a stroke of presentation genius because they are showing us something new. It’s entirely possible they could do better than last year’s 8th place after all. Expect a strong finish from Moldova as well, but I hope they can tweak the camerawork a bit before Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Semifinal 1 Wrap Up”

  1. I really don’t think Cyprus botched the vocal. I was actually pretty impressed by her and Iceland, when compared to the others. I JUST WISH ALBANIA WOULDN’T GLUE HER HAIR.

  2. I also really wish Latvia would’ve gotten in. She looked great and did all she could with that song…

  3. Oh, I thought Cyprus sounded really flat. It was the only performance we thought was really, really off. The thing is, I like that song better than I like Greece’s, so I don’t mind it going through. But I really felt she didn’t sing it well.

    Latvia is a weird one for me, because I felt like it was done in be the meandering staging. It felt like they all kind of decided right before they went on how they were going to move onstage. Vocally Anmary was fine, and really sold it at the end, though.

    Honestly, the only song I’m really disappointed in not going through is “Time”. On the other hand, because our son loves it, it’s not like we don’t hear it EVERY DAY!!!!

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