And We Have a Winner!

Congratulations Sweden, who put together a decisive and deserved victory tonight!

And how about Donny Montell, eh? Well done Lithuania, who brought it tonight and really outperformed expectations.

Results of the Final and Semis are up on, and there are a few surprises to talk about. We’ll do a full debrief when we recover from our Eurovision burnout.

One thought on “And We Have a Winner!”

  1. There are quite a few shockers. I did not think Serbia would do as well as it did, and I expected a lot more from Iceland. I thought the Albanian song was just screaming of “Qaj!!!” and not a real song at all. I’m very pleased that Spain finished in the top 10.

    But I already have my hotel for Stockholm next year! Also, fellow Rockvillian, I do need to e-mail you. (This week’s been crazy, but I promise I will do it soon.)

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