Belarus’ Eurovision 2013 Entry

Obviously, Belarus decided to switch songs. We’re not amused.

Belarus kicked off the Eurovision 2013 season yesterday by selecting Alyona Lanskaya’s “Rhythm of love” as their entry for Malmö. Of course, they picked Alyona last year too, briefly, until President Alexander Lukashenko stepped in when allegations of voter fraud came to light. Hopefully, voting was above the board this year, because Alyona’s song was definitely the strongest on the night.

We were pretty entertained by the Belorussian selection show. Aside from Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s cover of “Lost and Forgotten”, all of the songs were either pretty decent or at least fun kitsch. Next to “Rhythm of love,” the highlight was Nuteki’s “Save me,” which sounded a bit like Killers and featured a Verka Serduchka facsimile on stilts attacking their guitarist. I know that sounds strange (or lame), but it worked pretty well.

Ultimately, Alyona’s slice of Romanian pop ruled the night. If we’re going to quibble, the styling made her look an aging Kylie Minogue impersonator, and she could probably use a second back-up singer to enrich the sound of the vocals. Otherwise, the staging was slick, reminding me a little bit of Ani Lorak’s “Shady Lady.” And the song itself is catchy as all get out. Regardless of how it does in May, I can confidently say this is the Best. Belorussian. Entry. Ever.