Belgium’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Belgium picked its song today for Roberto Bellarosa, its previously announced 2013 Eurovision performer, choosing “Love kills” to represent it in Malmö. Note to the Belgium delegation: lose the key change. Otherwise, “Love kills” is a perfectly serviceable and amiable adult contemporary pop song. It has a melodic hook we remember, so that’s a plus.

Roberto, winner of The Voice Belgique earlier this year, is a good singer and a good-looking guy. It’s hard to gauge how good a performer he is because he performed on a small, crowded stage before a small crowd. He didn’t seem confident in the song yet, particularly after the totally needless key change which, we can’t stress enough, the Belgium delegation really needs to lose.

His most successful commercial showing to date was his cover of One Republic’s “Apologize,” which reached #3 in the Belgian charts last April. We found it instructive to take a listen. He sings it just fine. Our concern is that he brought nothing new to the song, nothing that takes us from “well, that was pleasant” to “wow, he’s something special.” “Love kills” is a new song, but he similarly brings to it a sense of pleasantness. Can he take to someplace special?

Roberto and his team have literally months to prepare “Love kills” for the big stage, and we hope he’ll do well.