Ukraine’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

It’s taken us a while to write up our review of Ukraine’s submission for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Part of the delay was holiday-related travel, but part of it was the amount of work that goes into reviewing a Ukrainian entry. First, you have to listen to the song. Then, you have to review all of the Eurovision news sites to make sure that no controversies have erupted since the song was selected. Then, you have to do background research into the performer singing the song since she might have been screwed over in a Ukraine selection show in years past, and you want to make sure you mention that in the review. Only after all that do you actually review the song.

But we kid Ukraine.

Anyway, Zlata Ognevich is slated to represent Ukraine this year with the song “Gravity.” You may remember Ognevich from such selection shows as Ukraine’s 2011 national final, which ended in controversy when allegations of voter fraud arose after Mika Newton won with her song “Angels.”

“Gravity” is not entirely dissimilar to Georgia’s 2010 entry “Shine,” but nowhere near as interesting. It starts off quiet, but quickly crescendos to a peak and stays there, with no further development. It just sits there; it feels like the number in a musical where the entire cast just stands in a line in front of the audience and sings their hearts out without really doing anything but standing. The “Seasons of Love” number, if you will.

Like this song, my review is going nowhere, so like the song, I’m just going to end it abruptly.