Finland’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Is Krista Siegfrids, like, really really famous in Finland? Because I have no other explanation why “Marry Me” is the song that Finnish voters selected to send to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Jen said it reminded her of Venke Knutson’s “Jealous ‘Cause I Love You,” one of the lucky losers in Norway’s 2010 Melodi Grand Prix. Watching the two performances together, they are really similar, both musically and in energy. The difference is that Knutson’s song is supposed to be funny, whereas I’m not sure Siegfrids’ song is. Sure, the staging is jokey, with the over-the-top train and the general hamminess. But lyrically, “Marry Me” is regressive and desperate.

It’s almost as if Siegfrids’ team realized the song was bad and tried to stage it with a satirical edge. George S. Kaufman said, “Satire is what closes on Saturday night.” Whether or not this is satire, I hope it closes on Thursday night.

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  1. Krista’s semi-famous. She was the only entrant in the final who was part of the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland, so probably got a huge section of votes from them (Pernilla + Paradise Oskar were both from the same Swedish minority, so you can sense a trend here). Her actually boyfriend is also a radio DJ and they hammed up the publicity for it over there.

    I’m pretty sure the song is meant to be funny – the video they’ve released for it involves her kidnapping her to-be husband and makes her out to be a little bit of a psychotic bridezilla. I think that’s the theme they’re going for with it.

  2. It puts a smile on your face! Plus the performance has a sense of confidence about it which Finnish entries often lack.

    I also think the entry sounds very American. It’s like, I don’t know, a song from an episode of ‘California Dreams’…

  3. Can I swear on here….!!?? Krista’s song is the fxxkin best entry to come from good’ole Finland for I don’t know when! ha! Absolutely Luv it , Luv her style & can’t believe it’s taken this time to realize who this artist is! She is a friend of a certain other person whom i’ve met from a previous Eurovision (not sure I would go that far as to travel to Helsinki to meet her though but never the less…) i’m A HUGE Fan already! You got my VOTE Krista! Douze points from the United Kingdom!
    PEACE. X

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