Norway’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Margaret Berger has won Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix with “I Feed You My Love,” a trip-hopped up James Bond theme number featuring a solid vocal, a pulsating beat, and the tightest outfit since Paula Seling graced the Eurovision stage.

This song is cool, engaging, and modern. However, we’re not proclaiming it the next winner of Eurovision yet. Here’s why:

  1. The beginning of the song has a dissonant electronic noise very reminiscent of the start of “Euphoria.” It’s usually not a good idea to sound even remotely like last year’s winner.
  2. The verse portion of “I Feed You My Love” sounds like Adele’s theme to Skyfall.
  3. That buzzy, fuzzy electronica under the verse changes into a more orchestral sound in the chorus. While Berger’s vocals provide a link between the verse and the chorus, it does feel like two separate songs fused together.

Still, we like this song a lot.  Frankly, it is the first entry in this year’s contest that we unequivocally enjoy. Once again, we’ll be rooting for Norway.