Austria’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Natália Kelly has been chosen to represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö with the song “Shine.” Can I just say that the only thing sadder than trying to sound like a previous Eurovision winner is swiping the staging of a previous Eurovision winner?

At least she didn’t have bat wings.

Azeri showers aside, “Shine” is a reasonably catchy, K.T. Tunstall-sounding ditty. Kelly is such an Idol-type performer in that she sounds a little green, but knows how to play to the camera. She’s good, not great, but charismatic enough to draw you in. Hers was by far the stand-out performance on the night.

Yela’s “Feels Like Home” came close: it was a charmingly pleasant song that certainly fits in nicely with that adorable twee pop genre. I would have rooted for Falco… Luneau, but “Rise above the Night” was so lyrically generic that it could have been written using the lyric-writing module for the Eurovision Song-Generating Music Unit 3000. It’s hard to argue that Austria made the wrong choice.