Germany’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Germany has selected Cascada and “Glorious” as its entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Cascada are an established eurodance band that has had two platinum hits in the U.S. with “Everytime We Touch” and “Evacuate the Dancefloor.” “Glorious” is completely in their wheelhouse of upbeat poppy dance music, with a hint of Eurovision-ness during that chorus.

Like any good dance song, the lyrics are ridiculously banal. “We can set the world on fire?” Please. But this sort of giddy positivity plays well at Eurovision, and given that they’ve had chart success across Europe fairly recently, we’re expecting Cascada to deliver Germany another top 10 finish.

This year’s Unser Song für Malmö was a let-down after three solid years of German selection shows. Most of the songs were unmemorable, even the one with the singing priests. (“Wohin gehst du, mit deinem Fesseln im Wind?”) The only other act that made an impact with us was LaBrassBanda with “Nackert,” and we apparently weren’t alone in our thinking: “Nackert” finished second.