Latvia’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Latvia will be sending pop/hip hop group PeR (that’s short for Please Explain the Rhythm) to Malmö with “Here we go.”

Leave it Latvia to not take themselves too seriously. When Latvia’s choices veer toward the amateur we’ve not been fans. But when Latvia finds a professional act that is still quirky and lighthearted, then color us very pleased indeed. Such as when we consume a lovely goat cheese with finely diced red peppers on a cracker with seeds.  It’s cheese, but elevated.

“Here we go” is fun. It makes us laugh. It has what is possibly the Best. Eurovision. Pop. Culture. Reference. Evar: “I’m like the man on the moon. Call me Andy Kaufman.” And how can anyone hate on (competent) beatboxing?

Here is a song that could benefit from this year’s new rule change that allows the Malmö producers to set the song order. This is a fantastic song to open a show.  And it could happen, because Latvia has been drawn in the 1st half of the 2nd Semi.  But wherever it lands and whatever its fate, expect us to be jumping around the room on that Thursday night having a fine old time.

Other lingering thoughts:

  • Samanta Tina, poor dear, got edged out again.  If we had it our way, we would have sent her to Baku last year instead of Anmary. This year she went in with the solo ballad, “I need a hero.”  When the public voting closed in the superfinal, she was behind by only 100 votes. But the truth is the ballad simply wasn’t strong, especially when directly compared against “Kuula,” which Ott Lepland performed while the votes were being tallied.
  • We were digging the snaps during Marta Ritova’s “I am who I am.”
  • PeR was in the uncomfortable position of having two songs in the final, thus running the possibility of splitting their own votes. “Sad Trumpet” is not a bad song but too atmospheric and sincere to be a good fit at Eurovision.  It finished last.  Such a sad sad trumpet.
  • Anmary performed a new song while organizers were tallying votes.  She sounded good, but hot damn, if she had shown that much cleavage at Eurovision last year Latvia might have fared better.
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