I do not wish to alarm you, but the German tabloid Bild does, because it has sounded its PLAGIATSALARM!!!!!!

Bild has published an article that basically says that Cascada’s “Glorious,” which was selected as Germany’s Eurovision 2013 entry, plagiarized “Euphoria,” and a doctor of linguistics at Christian-Albrechts-Universität analyzed the audio of both songs to prove it.

Funnily enough, Daniel Gould from Sofabet made a similar point when analyzing the song:

Firstly, let’s deal with the fact that ‘Glorious’ is so obviously from the same template as ‘Euphoria.’ In Cascada’s defence, the latter was hardly original and ‘Glorious’ fits in very comfortably with their established back catalogue of eurodance they themselves helped become mainstream.

Frankly, neither of us noticed the similarities between the two songs when we first heard Cascada’s song. Of course, that was in part due to the fact that it was so nice to hear a song with a pulse during Unser Song für Malmö that we were too busy dancing to do extensive Oszillogramm analysis then.

We just listened to both of the songs at the same time (because it’s Saturday night and we like to party), and while there may be similarities, it’s because a lot of eurodance sounds alike. Hell, Slovenia’s entry this year, “Straight Into Love,” sounds just as similar to “Euphoria” as “Glorious” does. And “Straight Into Love” matches up to “Glorious” so well, you’d think you were listening to Dark Side of the Moon and watching The Wizard of Oz.

And that’s without even mentioning that “I Feed You My Love,” Norway’s entry, is the most Euphoric entry we’ve heard so far this year. Gould says that Margaret Berger may be judged more favorably by juries because her song is more artistic than Cascada’s. I would argue that if the general public thinks “Glorious” is a “Euphoria” rip-off, than they’re going to think even more strongly that “I Feed You My Love” is a “Euphoria” rip-off.

The broader point that Gould makes is that it’s just not a good idea to try and emulate the song that won the previous year. Just go through the past decade of winners, and the only two back-to-back winners that could considered similar are “Molitva” and “Believe,” and even those operate in different spaces.

Quite frankly, we’re starting to like Malta’s chances this year, just because it sounds so bloody different than all the dance tracks we’ve heard this year. Would Chiara be willing to host Eurovision 2014 in Valletta?


  1. I remember, in 2010, reading one commenter claim that SunStroke Project were “copying” Alexander Rybak because Run Away featured a violin! The following year, pretty much any female soloist in any national selection was accused of being a Lena “wannabe”.

    I’m starting to think some ESC fans have veeeerrry narrow reference pools.

  2. I’m sorry, but Loreen singer for 1 day. How long we listen her “Euphoria”? One day, month and now no one of my friends dont listen Loreen, because her song its hit ephemera. Euphoria dont need in plagiarism. Every second song is similar to the previous. Foolish to blame Cascada her song has nothing to do with Loreen.

  3. Yeah, I think it’s pretty ridiculous. Not sure what Bild was trying to accomplish (except getting attention, which we’ve certainly given them), particularly when, like we said, there are other songs that sound more like Euphoria than “Glorious”.

  4. Cascada’s song may have the same vibe as Loreen’s song, yet they are two completely different songs. Most songs have the same vibe, that’s what music is. I love both songs however they are different in there own way. I don’t see why there is so much criticism over this song.

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