Slovenia’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Slovenia, no doubt upset with its poor showing after a many months long selection process last year, has opted for an internal selection for Malmö. They selected Hannah and “Straight into love.”

We had to give up seeing Klemen Slakonja for THIS?!?

Hannah Mancini is a Colorado native making her way as a singer in Slovenia.  She made a previous bid for Eurovision in 2011 in collaboration with DJ Sylvain and Mike Vale with “Ti si tisti,” a song which, frankly, betrays many concerns for “Straight into love.”

I’m starting to think that Slovenia’s real problem is its choice of songs. As a song, this one holds little artistic merit.  Once you get past the opening verse, the song becomes repetitive.  Worse, emotionally, it holds one level and stays there. This may seem out of left field, but upon first listen, I was actually reminded of Slovakia and TWiiNS, which had a similarly simplistic melody.

Hannah doesn’t do much to strengthen the song. Vocally, she has some power but in the recorded track there are times when she sounds so harsh my ears start to bleed. Moreover, in EMA 2011, where she sang live, there were times when her pitch went off the rails. As a performer, she moves awkwardly on stage and her presence on camera is underwhelming. And if that atrocity of a dress during the song presentation is any of indication of what she’ll wear in Malmö… well… let’s just say that I hope the Slovenian organizers have more fashion sense than her.

Still, “Straight into love” is the kind of trashy outing that the Eurovision fanboys love.  It’s electropop, has a beat and you can dance to it. Indeed, it seems to have received a relatively favorable response from the fan community.  So who knows, maybe she’ll pull an Ivi Adamou and receive 12 points from Sweden. Ivi couldn’t dance either.

So is Hannah this year’s Ivi Adamou or TWiiNS? Only time will tell.