Russia’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Dina Garipova is representing Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest this year with “What If.” It is a perfectly dreadful “can’t we all get along” song. The most obvious comparison is to Chiara’s “What If We,” but the first song I thought of was “If We All Give a Little,” the Six4One song for Switzerland from 2006. (Lyrically, it also reminds me of “Shine” which I mention only so I can link to that video, which is still ridiculously awesome.)

As I said during our review of Cyprus’ entry, Pastora Soler took Spain to a top 10 finish based on jury support for her performance. If Garipova can bring “What If” home the same way Soler did, I would expect a similar result for Russia. But like Soler, she is going to be hindered by the fact that while juries eat this sort of old-fashioned song up, the public tends to avoid it like the watery gruel it is.

I think Estonian comedians Ott Sepp and Märt Avandi summed this entry up best:

I am still desperate for that “Don’t Die” t-shirt Sepp is wearing. Ära sure Euroopa!