Georgia’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

If you’ve read my last two reviews of ballad entries at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (Russia and Cyprus), you’d expect me to eviscerate Georgia’s entry, “Waterfall” by Nodi and Sophie. It is a safe, dated ballad with the patented Eurovision key change. The lyrics are seriously drippy, and for a three-minute song, it does go on a bit too long at the end.

But I actually kind of like “Waterfall.” Nodi and Sophie have lovely voices, and they should be able to snag plenty of jury votes if they can bring the big vocals in harmony in Malmö. (It wasn’t clear from the song presentation video, but I suspect they were lip syncing.) And there are some very pretty melodies underneath the overly lavish orchestration.

Georgia has always been a very interesting Eurovision country, and this is probably the safest song they’ve entered into the competition. Given that last year’s utterly crazy entry failed to make the Final, I can forgive them for going a little bit conservative. I’m pretty sure they’re not going to miss out on a Saturday night performance this year.