Spain’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

I had a lot of goodwill towards “Contigo hasta el final” because of the bagpipes solo that introduces El Sueño de Morfeo’s song. (I know this would not be the case with most people.) That goodwill lasted 30 seconds, when the rest of the song kicked in.

That may sound a little harsh because, in reality, I don’t mind “Contigo hasta el final” that much. But the problem is that there is a lot of chorus and not a lot of verse in this song. There’s even a quiet moment at the 2:20 mark that feels like ESDM is going to go back into another verse, but then it’s just a quieter version of the chorus. That redundancy becomes a barrier to me from liking it.

Ultimately, I feel like this is a decent little middle of the road effort that won’t have much of an impact during the competition.