FYR Macedonia’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

FYR Macedonia has announced it is replacing “Imperija” as its Eurovision entry. Stay tuned…

Imagine if Pet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield decided to go Balkan pop. Or stop imagining and listen to Esma & Lozano’s “Imperija!”

I don’t even think that description does “Imperija” justice. It is just a clattering amalgamation of synthesizers and musical instruments tied together with Lozano’s generically smooth tenor and Esma’s folksy bad-ass-ness. Not to slight Lozano, but Esma certainly commands your attention. I expect her to be front and center in the Macedonian staging.

FYR Macedonia is not in a Semi with their voting bloc, so they may struggle to make it to the Final. On the other hand, if they work as many costume changes as Esma has in the video into their performance at Malmö, then maybe they’ll have a shot.