Armenia’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

This year Armenian organizers internally selected Gor Sujyan, and the public and jury were asked to pick his Eurovision entry from 4 songs. Armenia opted for “Lonely Planet.”

Gor Sujyan is the lead singer of the hard rock band Dorians, who were backing him in the national selection and presumably will also be making the trip to Malmö.

“Lonely Planet” was penned by Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi and Armenian lyricist Vardan Zadoyan. (Yet another fine British artist writing a song for a country other than the UK.  Not that the UK is missing out too much this time.) Zadoyan was one of the talents behind “Jan Jan” (Armenia 2009).

With its concluding mantra of “we can stop it,” “Lonely Planet” occupies the safe lyrical space of “we can change the world” global awareness. Musically, the refrain is late-era Soundgarden and there are some interesting time signatures in the verse.  It’s not enough.

Overall, we shrug and say “meh.” MaNga and Eldrine are recent examples of rock bands that succeeded at Eurovision, but both brought songs with a lot more intensity than we see here.  Unfortunately for Armenia, “Lonely Planet” was the most plausible choice of the 4 songs at their national selection.  I fear Armenia may be in for a rough ride this year.

This is a case of a promising artist being unable to find the right song. It’s an all too familiar story this year.

UPDATED 18 MARCH 2013: Judging from the official video posted on the official Eurovision YouTube channel, Dorains are representing Armenia. It makes sense, since the band was backing up Sujyan anyway.