Estonia’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Estonia has picked Birgit Õigemeel to go to Malmö with “Et uus sacks alguse,” another safe ballad in a Eurovision season that has seen more than a few of them (see Russia and Cyprus, for example). It came down to Õigemeel and Grete Paia in the end, with “Et uus saaks alguse” getting 51% of the vote in the Super Final.

There was a very good chance that Estonia could send the absolutely bat shit insane Winny Puhh to ESC with their song “Meiecundimees uks korsakov laks eile Lätti.” It was bonkers in the semis, but Winny Puhh really upped their game for the Eesti Laul final:

As for “Et uus sacks alguse,” it’s nice. It’s a pleasant, almost country ballad. Õigemeel gave a good performance, much better than Paia and other competitors on the night. It’s fine, but right now it lacks a spark to make it interesting. Of course, Ott Lepland added a lot of firepower to “Kuula” at Baku and a sixth place. But I don’t see “Et uus saaks alguse” being the type of song that lends itself to theatrics the way “Kuula” did. It will most likely make the Final, but it may struggle to make a mark.