Serbia’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

It’s dire. It is really dire. From the stupid “angel vs devil” battle theme to the over-emoted, overwrought acting the Moje 3 members engage in to the Nomi Malone-style dancing to that staccato “sing up the scale then back down the scale” chorus, “Ljubav je svuda” is horrible.

Not that the people of Serbia had much to choose from. The other female trio in Beosong 2013, SKY’s, was even worse than Moje 3. Dušan Svilar, the one male singer, had a song that was so Celine Dion-esque I’m waiting for Bild to run an exposé. Saška Janković performed a generic pop ballad and Marija Mihajlović performed a generic jazz ballad. In the grand scheme of things, Serbia could have done worse than go for high camp.

Normally, I’m a fan of camp, so I have high hopes that the organizers really go for it in Malmö. They have to look at Elnur & Samir’s performance for Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2008 and TOP IT. They need to consult with whoever staged Gaitana’s “Be My Guest” for Ukraine last year and whoever staged Svetlana Loboda’s “Be My Valentine” for Ukraine in 2009 and anyone who has ever staged an entry for Ukraine and just make this the most insane Can’t Stop the Music meets Battlefield Earth extravaganza ever put on the Eurovision stage. This could be the Valley of the Dolls of Eurovision entries. Make it happen, Serbia. Make it happen.

2 thoughts on “Serbia’s Eurovision 2013 Entry”

  1. THIS! THIS! THIS EXACTLY!!! And that’s why I wanted this one to win. They had several mediocre songs, only one of which had the potential for being a camp extravaganza. And if there’s one thing this year’s safe, dreary lineup of acts needs, it’s an extravaganza or two.

    This is either going to be the world’s most uninteresting trainwreck, or a magnificent new entry in the eternal Eurovision highlight reel. You are so sexy BOM! You make me crazy BOM!

    Do it, Serbia. JUST DO IT! Go out in a blaze of Eurovision glory, for great justice.

  2. It is moving to see and read a reference to Nomi Malone.
    Another reason to love this blog.

    Greetings from a long time reader, who enjoys your take on this fantastic, horrible wonderment that is Eurovision.

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