United Kingdom’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

The BBC announced that Bonnie Tyler of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” fame is representing the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest this year with “Believe In Me.” It’s a pleasant-enough little country ditty. In fact, it’s better than some of the other ballads that are vying for the title this year. It’s nice, and I love that the word “stuff” is used prominently in the first verse of the song. I love the word “stuff.”

However, I can’t help but think, as with last year’s selection of Englebert Humperdinck, that the BBC is hoping to make a big splash with a notable name (from British music charts of old) and let that carry them where it may (towards the bottom of the table). Maybe with the Swedish producers determining the song order for the Final instead of the traditional random draw, the BBC can count on their big name signing to get a sweet spot in the line-up? Preferably after all of the other less interesting ballads? If that will even matter?

The BBC organizers seem to like the attention they get on social media, both with the rumors that pop up before they make their announcement and with the debate that arises after their selection is revealed. But, as we say on our Most Hopeless Countries page, the BBC really isn’t trying to come up with a contender. If they were really trying to win, they wouldn’t replicate the formula that got them a second to last place finish last year.