Israel’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Moran Mazor has won Israel’s Kdam Eurovision with “Rak Bishvilo” (Only For Him), despite forgetting to zip up the front of her dress!

Who doesn’t love a good naughty librarian look?

As for the song itself, it’s another safe ballad that reminds me a little bit of “Milim,” only not as good. Mazor goes off the rails a bit at the end when she tries to vamp, but otherwise sounds fine. I hope they keep the song in Hebrew, because judging by the translation of the title, this won’t sound quite as dramatic in English.

I’m afraid that “Rak Bishvilo” is yet another entry this year that passes the time and then goes gently into that good night without leaving much of an impression. My concern is that a lot of the entries going to Malmö are like that, and in five years time, I’m going to remember very little about this year’s show.