Sweden’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Robin Stjernberg has won the 2013 Melodifestivalen with the song “You,” and will try to follow up Loreen’s 2012 win when the Eurovision Song Contest is held on home turf in Malmö.

“You” is a pure pop number: upbeat and catchy, and performed by a good looking guy with a slick, boy-band-ish voice. I admit that I found that yodeling chorus (You-oo-OO-oo-OH-OH) a bit grating after awhile, and during the final, Stjernberg went a little harsh trying to sell the end of the song.

But why quibble? It’s a pretty good song, and a great story: Stjernberg qualified for the final out of the Andra Chansen (Second Chance) round, which as far as I can tell has never happened, at least in a long time. Interestingly, “You” finished second in the public vote behind Yohio’s “Heartbreak Hotel,” but the latter song did poorly with the international jury. Even though the jury vote was a small percentage of the total, it was enough to keep Yohio from claiming the Melodifestivalen title.

I’d say that we’re not expecting “You” to produce back-to-back Eurovision wins for Sweden. But considering that we’re not expecting anyone to win Eurovision this year, who knows if Stjernberg’s luck will continue in May.