Romania’s Glorious Eurovision 2013 Entry

I was beginning to worry about Eurovision 2013. The songs selected thus far were not particularly inspiring. We have a ton of drab ballads and a lot of decent but not particularly memorable pop songs. The campier entries are either horrible or too self-aware.

Malmö was missing something. And that something was Cezar.

When “It’s My Life” begins, you’re not sure where it’s going to go. Cezar sings “Love is so bright, like a diamond in the light” and you’re all like, this is going to be lame. The back-up dancers, wearing leather jackets, jeans, and scarves wrapped around their waists, do not inspire confidence.

Then the song hits the 30 second mark (:40 in the video above). And you find out Cezar is a countertenor. That’s when you realize: This. Is. Awesome.

I mean, it’s not without its flaws. The lyrics are bland (fire/desire check). I would have liked Cezar to drop back down to his lower register to sing the second verse. And the dancing doesn’t really get better. But why nitpick?

Back in 2009, Bulgaria sent a countertenor named Krassimir Avramov to Eurovision. It did not go well, as we detail in entry six of our Least Self Aware page. Part of why Avramov went awry is that he never seemed to have much control over his voice (or his back-up singers). Cezar, on the other hand, is rock steady.

Plus, the absolute drama that Cezar brings to his performance makes it memorable. The Romanian contingent needs to think of how they can elevate their back-up dancers so that they match Cezar’s mad intensity. It’s a tough ask, I know.

The Romanian National Final has become one of our favorites (hindered mainly by the amount of talking: host segments, interviews, et cetera). How can you not enjoy a show that not only has a countertenor, but also a falsetto worthy of Jimmy Somerville? We also really enjoyed Casa Presei’s “Un Refren,” which seems about 30 years out of date and yet still fun and professional.

And pity poor Electric Fence, who finished second again. If anyone could ever out-weird Zdob şi Zdub, it could be them:

4 thoughts on “Romania’s Glorious Eurovision 2013 Entry”

  1. OK, so is it just me, or would this be an AWESOME Eurovision if everybody sent their song that came in 2nd? (Or 3rd in the case of Estonia.)

    Although I’ll take absolutely ANYTHING remotely interesting at this point (what’s Dustin the Turkey doing these days?), I’m not sure that sending a countertenor to Eurovision, regardless of how talented, is any more valid a choice than sending a way-past-their-prime British pop act. Guess we’ll find out.

    1. Our “Eurovision That Almost Was” posts, where we run through what the contest would have looked like if only all the 2nd place finishers had won, explore exactly this. We do them once the running order is out, and they’re among our favorite posts we do for this blog. We’ve actually been saying how much we are looking forward to writing up this year’s edition because there’s so much fun stuff to talk about this year.

      The fact that it’s such a mediocre year is why we are so relieved to have Cezar. Between Romania and whatever Serbia decides to do with theirs we’re guaranteed something that’s wildly over the top.

  2. Oh, I’m not saying that this is going to win Eurovision or anything. I’m just saying it’s nice to have a fun, memorable, campy number in the show. You do have a strong point about the 2nd place songs!

  3. Absolutely stunning voice! I love the song (yes, you are right, they should do something about the dancers) and I keep listening to it. Your comments are spot on. I think Romania will win this year.

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