The Netherlands’ Eurovision 2013 Entry

Today, Sterren radio presented Anouk’s “Birds,” the Netherlands’ entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. It is a gorgeous song, beautifully arranged and touchingly performed. If Anouk can sell this song live (and indications are that she can), then I am expecting big things for this. It is terrific.

There are a couple of big “ifs” to that, though. One is that the song is lyrically downbeat. Generally, when you think of a Eurovision-winning song, you think of something a bit less maudlin. Not that every song has to be “Everybody,” but I wonder if a sad song would work with the televoters.

The other big if lies in how the Dutch delegation stages “Birds.” Staging has not exactly been Netherlands’ forte the past few years. While I don’t expect Anouk to be sitting in front of a giant calliope wearing a light-up Native American headdress or anything, I also hope that she is not performing like she’s doing just another concert, which I think is something that hurt 3JS a couple years ago. It has to be something special.

One of the things I’ve said to Jen a lot is that I’ve yet to hear a song that sounds like it could win Eurovision. Now I have. Excellent work, Netherlands. Good luck and don’t fbeep it up.

3 thoughts on “The Netherlands’ Eurovision 2013 Entry”

  1. Agree 1000%. Especially the part about FINALLY hearing a song that sounds like it could win.

    Now I’m waiting in nervous anticipation to see in what creative way the Netherlands are going to mess up this one.

  2. considering the other favourites are ‘i feed you my love’ and ‘only teardrops’ i wouldn’t write off the downbeat nature of the song.

    As for staging, the only particularly showy staging of recent winners was Dima Bilan with his ice rink. The rest are pretty straightforward.

  3. Those are good points, Miss Disco. And immediately after posting, I thought of Alyosha’s “Sweet People”, in which a straightforward, but intense staging made up for the general awfulness of the song. I guess it’s better to say that Anouk needs to bring intensity and NO PROPS to Malmö. I actually think that Only Teardrops is also hurt by its downbeat nature, bookies be damned. Although it *is* least is a twist on the “can’t we all just get along” Eurovision lyric trope. I didn’t get the impression that Feed You My Love is a downer of song lyrically, but looking at the lyrics I can see that point.

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