Moldova’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Moldova has decided, and it’s Aliona Moon with “A Million.”

Hurrah, another power ballad. And a repetitive one at that.

Because it’s Moldova there were several visual gimmicks at the national final which were so over the top that one can only presume they will persist until Sweden. Aliona copies Sabina Babayeva’s light up dress, which itself was copying the “girl on fire” dress in The Hunger Games. Last year’s Moldovan entrant Pasha Parfeny (who wrote the music to “A Million”) makes an appearance on piano. And the staging has its share of Indian-diety-with-multiple-arms choreography, as well as a backdrop with planets, stars, and fire (the triple crown).

Forgive us if we can’t get our enthusiasm up. Moon’s soprano voice is thin and her English pronunciation questionable. The lyrics, which manage to reference both the Mayan apocalypse and Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, are dismal.

Still, it is better than “Loca” (Moldova 2006).

UPDATED 18 MARCH 2013: Clearly the Moldovan delegation reads our blog. It was announced today that Moon will be performing Moldova’s Eurovision entry in Romanian. The song is now called “O mie.”