Montenegro’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

“Igranka” is a dance-oriented hip hop number, performed by Who See, a hip-hop duo who have been joined in their effort by diva vocalist Nina Žižić. Who See’s part of the song “Igranka” sounds a bit like “Feuer” (particular in the second verse that Marteria leads on). Žižić’s part of the sounds like a deep track on a late 90s Viva Hits compilation, on disc 2 between Bomfunk MCs and Paffendorf. Together it’s, you know, okay. Nothing brilliant, but who doesn’t love a little danceable hip hop?

Aside from Eurovision audiences, I mean. Hip hop tends to flop at Eurovision. Consider acts that operate in similar spaces as Who See: neither Deep Zone and Balthazar (Bulgaria 2008) or Trackshittaz (Austria 2012) made it out of their respective Semis, and Waldo’s People (Finland 2009) made the Final as the jury wild card, then finished in last place. At best, these acts struggled to replicate the energy from their recorded track in the live performance.

“Igranka” is slightly more accessible than Montenegro’s 2012 entry, “Euro Neuro.” Is this the song that finally gets Montenegro to a Eurovision Final? No. The better question is, based on their official video, can they can out-tacky Trackshittaz in their staging?