San Marino’s Eurovision 2013 Entry

Remember “The Social Network Song Oh Oh-Uh-Oh Oh,” San Marino’s Eurovision 2012 entry? The one Eurovision legend Ralph Siegel composed and poor Valentina Monetta had to sing? You know, the one that was supposed to be called “Facebook Uh, Oh, Uh?”

Sure you do!

Well, San Marino and Siegel decided that Monetta was such a trooper for stepping in to perform “The Social Network Song Oh Oh-Uh-Oh Oh” that they decided to give her another chance to grace the Eurovision stage, only this time with a song that isn’t completely embarrassing! Here is “Crisalide.”

I mean, it’s fine. It’s completely old-fashioned, but it gives Monetta a serious song that suits her voice and her style of music much better. After chugging along as a ballad for most of the song, “Crisalide” suddenly changes tempos and becomes a disco song to make it… interesting, I guess? Worked for Donny Montell last year.

So, what’s worse, being memorably bad or not being memorable at all? I still despise “The Social Network Song Oh Oh-Uh-Oh Oh,” but it’s one of those songs that goes down in the annals of Eurovision history. The only notable thing about “Crisalide” is the history of the people involved in it, and that’s not enough to make it memorable.

2 thoughts on “San Marino’s Eurovision 2013 Entry”

  1. Here’s the thing I never got about the Social Network Song, and San Marino’s little presentation show just reinforced my confusion.

    We keep hearing that Valentina was brought in at the last minute, that the song wasn’t written for her, that it wasn’t her style, and so on and so forth.

    HOW IS THAT AN EXCUSE? So the song WAS written for someone else, and it WAS allegedly in the style of this unfortunate person? “Here, Random Sammarinese Singer Person, is a song that we think suits your talent perfectly … It SUCKS.”

    I’d’a quit in a huff too.

    As for this year’s entry, it proves that Valentina Monetta can sing fabulously (for whatever that’s worth), but I don’t see that it gets much else done.

    I think switching to Casablanca Records Circa 1977 at the two-minute mark is a silly move, unless the goal is to make Bonnie Tyler seem contemporary. VM deserves better than this, too.

    The best case you can make for it is “you should vote for it because Valentina was such a trooper for singing that ghastly song we gave her last year which wasn’t her fault”, which is a pretty strange case to make at a song contest. Especially by the people who wrote and produced the original song.

    But of course this is going to be a great year for mediocre songs getting into the final, any way you slice it. Maybe it’ll get swept in on the steaming tsunami of meh.

  2. How is Crisalide old-fashioned, uninteresting or unmemorable? Are you deaf? wtf.

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