Things I Learned From Reading the Bios of the 2013 Eurovision Participants

The entrant bios are up at the Eurovision website and are a fount of information and insight. Well, not really, but here are some pieces of trivia that amused us.

  • Estonia’s Birgit Õigemeel is pregnant.  We already knew that, but we didn’t know that the composer of “Et Uus Saaks Alguse,” Mihkel Mattisen, was also expecting his first. Is there something in the water in Tallinn?
  • Slovenia’s Hannah informs us that she has performed with the “highly acclaimed” American group Haute Chile. That’s nice. Who? [A quick Google search informs me that Haute Chile is available for weddings and corporate events.]
  • Three of the 6 singers in Croatia’s Klapa s mora said they had a “happy childhood” and additional two had a “lovely childhood.” Now I feel bad for the other one…
  • Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest descends from Queen Victoria and the Hapsburgs.  Well, sheesh, Chris descends from Buffalo Bill Cody but you don’t see him bragging about it.
  • Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich… There’s just so much, I don’t know where to begin. You know what, please just pause for a minute and head over to Eurovision’s website to read her bio. I’ll wait for you. The link is here.

Okay, let’s continue.

  • Montenegro’s Who See won MTV’s Adriatic Act of the year in 2012, and yet band member Dedduh also has a job as a salesman in a toy store. It’s tough being a musician in Montenegro. The upside is that the toy store keeps him in touch with today’s youth.
  • Belarus’s Alyona Lanskaya was the winner of USA’s “Atlantic Breeze 2010″ festival. I had no idea what that was. Turns out that “Atlantic Breeze” is an international festival sponsored by MaksTV, a fledgling Russian-language TV network based out of Miami. To put this in perspective, we have access to over 500 channels through our cable provider, including several Russian language channels. MaksTV isn’t one of them. It seems that MaksTV was exclusively carried by the satellite provider Dish Network as part of their Russian programming package in 2010 but were dropped from Dish’s line up later that same year.
  • Latvia’s PeR is asking Eurovision voters to stop thinking in the category ‘Is this suitable for Eurovision?’ and start thinking in the category ‘Is this good music?’  Oh PeR, when it comes to your song I think many Eurovision voters will do just that, but I’m not sure that you’ll like their answer.
  • Azerbaijan’s Farid Mammadov tells us in his bio he has “effortlessly proven that he is one of the finest vocalists in Azerbaijan.”  If your reference point is Nikki, who am I to argue?
  • Finland’s Krista Siegfrids’ Twitter hashtag #TeamDingDong is referenced no less than 3 times in her bio. She really wants you to follow her on Twitter.
  • Malta’s Gianluca is a medical doctor by profession, fronts a band at night, but he’s also a singer in his prayer group, and does charity work with children. Is this not the guy your mom told you to marry?
  • Iceland’s Eyþór Ingi hails from Dalvík, a small fishing town of 1,400 people in Northern Iceland. He tells us that Dalvík is also the birthplace of Friðrik Ómar of Euroband and Matti Matt. And Erna Hrönn and Hera Björk have also lived there for a time. Okay, we’re sold. We are totally visiting Dalvík when we do our Iceland trip. [Perhaps we can time our visit around Fiskidagurinn mikli, so we can partake in the free fish buffet?]
  • I’m sure this will come as a surprise to no one, but Led Zeppelin is a big influence on Armenia’s Dorians.
  • Hungary’s ByeAlex holds a master’s degree in philosophy, and his bio is thoughtfully written.
  • Albania’s Adrian Lulgjuraj has a law degree. Bledar Sejko offers this sobering thought: though he is 42, it wasn’t always possible for him to play rock music in communist Albania in his younger years.
  • Romania’s Cezar is known throughout Romania as Cezar The Voice. His list of credits and collaborations would persuade anyone that he has a legitimate classical music pedigree.
  • For the UK, Bonnie Tyler’s husband Robert Sullivan competed for Team GB in the 1972 Olympics (judo).

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  1. Another interesting point made on Alyona Lanskaya’s bio…it says that she entered Eurofest for the first time in 2013. Sooooooo…who was all the fuss about last year? :-/

  2. I read that differently,.She did say 2012, but I thought it she meant that she entered for the first time for last year’s contest, rather than acknowledging that their selection for 2013 was in fact in 2012.

  3. I enjoyed the hell out of reading this. Thanks for starting my Saturday on a fun note.

  4. Ahh…that must have been edited…last time I took a peek, it definitely said 2013. Glad to see it’s been updated (as a Litesound supporter, that raised a bit of an eyebrow…lol)!

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