Ukraine’s Eurovision 2014 Entry

The 2014 Eurovision season kicked off with Ukraine’s National Final on December 21, 2013. Twenty entries vied for the chance to represent Ukraine in Copenhagen and Maria Yaremchuk was given the opportunity with her song “Tick-Tock.”

“We belong to each other/Like a sister to a brother” is already the leading contender for worst lyric at the 2014 Song Contest because EEWW.

Yaremchuk kind of sang like Britney Spears and was kind of styled like Rihanna. The song kind of sounded like Serebro and kind of had the same name as a Ke$ha song. It was kind of good, in a disposable pop sort of way, but I have a sneaking suspicion Ukraine is going to need all the staging theatrics it can muster to snag a top 10 finish this year. (Those back-up dancers can help…)

Anyway, the guy in the hoodie was not impressed.